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I held my breath
But I breathed in the smoke regardless of my room as it burned
It filled my lungs and I was done
Then I slept
I saw the line between sleeping and death as I stepped over it
A small voice sayed “Don’t be afraid”.
And a choice was made
And I dreamed of an auditorium surrounding me
A thousand eyes
A thousand hands held up the sky
And I believed I heard their voices in my mind say
“Don’t be sad, it’s just your time.
Go. Make a ladder of your spine.
Let every rung be stepped and climbed
Make hummingbirds from your insides
And let your veins turn into vines
And leave your teeth and bones behind.
Realize, now realize that you were only walking light
And let it go back down and shine
On everybody that you loved when you were alive”.
So Elit, would you wait for me
Even if I was removed from our time and died?
Well don’t cry because it’s only the last part of life
And I’m still by your side
And it will happen to you like it happened to me
And the rest of the people we know
Like the summers all end
And the trees lose their leaves
And the water turns back into snow
Every grandmother, grandfather, particle
We are all here for a while then we go
Living for love and love alone
And you will be with those angels in disguises
Cleverly holding their hands over your eyes
To make from your nightmares the night time
And you’ll believe one thousand days before you die
Maybe nine hundred ninety-nine
You’ll feel the numbers’ slow decline
But everybody, it’s alright
‘Cause you can’t argue with the sky
You can’t argue with fire.


from Sink Like A Symphony, released August 8, 2006


all rights reserved



Fred Thomas Ann Arbor, Michigan


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